About Addiction Author

|| Andy Ahmad-Cooke


Andy Ahmad-Cooke is a recovery enthusiast. He was born in Cambridge in 1962 and has spent most of his life as a musician and composer. Consequently, he has also had many different occupations from laundry worker and record shop manager to spoken word producer, working with artists including Michael Palin, Terence Stamp, Joss Ackland, Joan Hickson and Dirk Bogarde.

His most prolific time as a composer was the late nineties when he co-wrote and produced albums including One True Parker’s “Will I Dream” and “The Howard Marks Project” with Nice and Idle. With his band Juttajaw, he ran the notorious ‘Dirty Cow’ parties and remixed artists including The Orb, Test Department, Pig and Ian Astbury. In 1997 he co-founded the independent label Big Clever Records.

After leaving the music industry in 2003, he ran a school for teenagers with challenging behaviour and special education needs. At this time, Andy ran the club night Book Club and he and his wife, Munizha, founded En Theos, a website celebrating enthusiasm. Since 2004, Andy has been a trustee for the Cambridge charity The Mountain Trust, which carries out community based health and education projects in the Nepal. In 2009, Andy wrote and produced a short film in Nepal, A Day in the Life, which was made to promote the Trust’s student sponsorship program.

Andy now works as Recovery Coordinator at The Edge Café and plays keyboards in a local band. Andy is currently sober and lives with his family in Cambridge.



Alan B
Slinksville – Bop Kick Records (2004)
Writer/Co-producer with Malcolm Bowes

One True Parker
Bubblegum – Creation Records (1996) + Ray Keith remix
Killer – Eruption Records (1999) + Blim remix
Singing Ring Tune – Never Records (1999) + The Orb & Juttajaw remixes
Will I Dream – Eruption Records (1999)
Co-Writer/Producer with Karen Parker & Phil Moseley

Dirty Cow – Big Clever Records (1997)
Tiffany’s Breakfast – Big Clever Records (1998)
Jesus FC – Big Clever Records (1999)
The Jaw Hits the Floor – Big Clever Records (1998)
The Howard Marks Project (with Nice’n’Idle) – Big Clever Records (1999)
The Jaw Goes to War – Big Clever Records (2000)
Co-Writer/Producer with Phil Moseley, Jon Dickens, Bobby Green & Kelly Lee Alexander

The Pig Orchestra
Tracks released on Pig compilations:
Are Friends Electric
Some Guys Have All the Luck
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
Co-founder with Raymond Watts, Jez Hindmarsh & Marc Waterman

Id as an Entity – Melting Pot Records (1995)
Co-writer/Producer · with Phil Moseley

Wildlife on One
Weirdy Worldy – Melting Pot Records (1993)
Love So Strong – Accupunture Records (1995) + OliMax mix
Co-writer/Producer with Mark Vincent, Phil Moseley & Georgia Apsion

Spoken Word

Joss Ackland – I Must Be in There Somewhere – ISIS Audio Books (1991)
Dirk Bogarde – Backcloth – Isis Audio Books (1991)
Michael Palin – Around the World in Eighty Days – BBC Audio (1992)
Michael Palin – Pole to Pole – BBC Audio (1993)
Terence Stamp – Stamp Album – ISIS Audio Books (1992)
Terence Stamp – Coming Attractions – ISIS Audio Books (1993)
Terence Stamp – Double Feature – ISIS Audio Books (1993)


A Day in the Life – Mountain Trust Films (2009)